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Tools How To Build a One sheet boat

Published on January 10th, 2014 | by Mr. Outdoor Snippets

How To Build a One sheet boat

Took her to the quarry this morning and she works like a dream. No leaking at all. I do have to repaint the bottom because i didn’t prep the previous coat enough. The Kayak Paddle works great and she tracks pretty well for such a small boat.

Warning: Woodworking is inherently dangerous. You are using sharp tools some of them spinning at large RPM’s. You need to be wearing eye protection at all times, hearing protection as needed and because you are going to be working on some very small pieces you must use a push stick. Niether I or Instructables bear any responsibility if you do something stupid, lose focus, act carelessly, or recklessly.
The same can be said about boating, you should be wearing a life vest anytime you are in a boat and always acting in a safe manner.
The town I live in has a boat building/ racing contest every year. The challenge to this contest is the materials you are allowed to use as well as the ones you are not.

The materials include:
1) 1 sheet of Plywood (any thinckness)
2) 2 8 foot long 2X4′s
3) 1 Roll of Duct tape (Essential for almost everything I build)
4) 1 Lbs of fasteners (I chose 1X6 rough thread drywall screws)

You are not allowed to use Glue, Epoxy, Chaulk, Silicone… In short NO adhesives at all.
The boats may be decorated with paint and will also be judged on theme and appearance.

I had paint laying around so my total cash outlay was less then $50

More details here

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